The Benefits of Having a Pet

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Pets are good for your health!

The benefits of having a pet

Here are the health reasons to have a pet as reported by Delta Society that performs research into the importance of animals to the lives and wellbeing of humans.

  • Pets are good for your health.
  • Humans who own dogs go to the doctor less than those who do not.
  • Pet owners have lower blood pressure.
  • Pet owners have lower triglycerides and cholesterol levels than non-owners.
  • Companionship of pets (particularly dogs) helps children in families adjust better to serious illness or death of a loved one.
  • Pet owners feel less afraid of being a victim of crime when walking with a dog or sharing a residence with a dog.
  • Pet owners have fewer minor health problems.
  • Pet owners have better psychological well-being.
  • Contact with pets develops nurturing behaviour in children who may grow to be more nurturing adults.
  • Pet owners have better physical health due to exercise with their pets.
  • Having a pet may decrease heart attack mortality by 3%.
  • Dogs are preventative and therapeutic measures against everyday stress.
  • Pets decrease the feeling of loneliness and isolation.
  • Children exposed to animal/pet education programmes display enhanced empathy for humans compared with children not exposed to such programmes.
  • Positive self-esteem of children is enhanced by owning a pet.
  • Children’s cognitive development can be enhanced by owning a pet.
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