Colouring is good for you!

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In this month’s newsletter we discuss the how colouring is good for you as well as children and I no longer have to use the kids colouring books.

  • “These activities engage your hands as well as your mind and your focus,” says art therapist Lacy Mucklow, the author of several best-selling Zen-themed colouring books. “Plus, the repetitive actions release serotonin, the brain transmitter responsible for relaxation.”
  • Numerous studies have looked into how crafting benefits mood and physical health.
  • Stress reduction is a top reason to start colouring in – do it at night while watching TV – it helps quiet your mind. You can really lose yourself in it, and it stops you from thinking about work and the stresses in your life.

Colouring is good for you and a great way to explore your creativity. It’s easy, inexpensive and you don’t have to know how to draw.

We love the idea of family colouring – you can have some great evenings colouring in together. The 10 to 20 minutes you spend together can have a positive ripple effect throughout your day.

Here is a beautiful adult colour in page we found on 

Now your whole family can do colouring in as a fantastic relaxing screen-free activity!  Print it out and grab those pencils or markers and start colouring in.

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